JReyes Auto

City of Kyle, Ongoing, expected completion September 2024

Site improvements including earthwork, water, wastewater, driveways and parking, drainage, and pond improvements


Horseshoe Ridge Electrical and Public Water Supply Improvements

Hays County, February 2024

Electrical for Phase 1 of the RV Resort and the new public water supply pump station. Electrical included 3 phase and 1 phase primary runs, secondary runs, and pedestals. Public water system included yard piping, electrical, controls, and hydro and ground storage tanks


Los Altos Subdivision

City of Blanco, February 2024

Subdivision improvements including excavation/embankment, street, drainage, water, wastewater, and pond improvements


1068 Satterwhite (Bore Pro)

Hays County, June 2022

Site improvements including excavation/embankment, water, parking, drainage, wastewater, and pond improvements


Trailmarker Campground

City of Creedmoor, March 2022

Site improvements including earthwork, water, wastewater, and electrical improvements


Covered Wagon RV/Boat Storage

Hays County, Phase 1, March 2021 Phase 2, October 2022

Phase 1 included site development for Boat and RV Storage with some self-storage. Phase 2 includes the remaining self-storage buildings. Project included excavation/embankment, drainage, water, fire suppression tank, foundations for buildings and footings for hangars.


Shell Road Boat and RV Storage

City of Georgetown, Phase 1, December 2020 Phase 2, April 2021

Site improvements to expand existing RV/Boat storage facility including earthwork, drainage, water, driveway, parking, building pads, and water quality ponds.


Silveredge Creek Subdivision

City of Austin, May 2020

Subdivision improvements, streets, drainage, channel, water, wastewater, and pond improvements


Guard Dog Storage

City of Buda, February 2019

Site improvements including excavation, embankment, pond, retaining wall, building pads, and subgrade and fillable base improvements.


We Rent It

City of Schertz, June 2018

Site work including earthwork, grading, water, and detention pond improvements.


Camper Clinic II

City of Buda, October 2016

Wastewater line extension, abandon existing OSSF system


Amazing Ice Design II

City of Kyle, August 2016

Site improvements earthwork, water, wastewater, foundation and building improvements.


America's Auto Auction

City of Buda, January 2016

Site improvements including earthwork, drainage, water, wastewater and all driveway and parking improvements.


Cullen Country Subdivision, Section 3

City of Buda, February 2014

Site improvements including earthwork, drainage, streets, water, and wastewater.


FM 812 Market

City of Austin, 2013-2019

Miscellaneous grading, drainage, parking improvements, metal building construction

Over $500,000

La Hacienda

City of Bastrop, June 2012

Site improvements including earthwork, drainage, water, wastewater, detention pond, building foundation


Studio Estates Subdivision, Section 4A

City of Niederwald, January 2012

Site improvements including excavation/embankment, street, water, and wastewater improvements